Past Work

Clearbold has supported clients in Healthcare, Financial Services, Marketing Technology, and the Digital Humanities for more than 10 years, through website development, HTML email development, project management, and user experience design consulting.


Clearbold provided front-end web development for Watch ESPN and HTML/CSS prototyping for ESPN Radio’s iOS apps.

Fidelity Investments

Clearbold built a series of web applications and content-driven websites for Fidelity Investments, using the ExpressionEngine content management system.

Hofstra University, MIT

Clearbold has provided development support for the Digital Humanities via the Digital Research Center at Hofstra, on the Artbot app, and for the Comédie Française Registers Project via MIT’s History Department.

Russell Morin Catering & Events

Clearbold has launched multiple websites and website redesigns for Russell Morin. Clearbold also provides hosting and maintenance support and Google AdWords campaign management support for Morin’s. Visit


Clearbold built websites for VasCore and VasCoreTEC and provides hosting and maintenance support for both websites. Visit

Other Clients

Pre-Clearbold: Campbell Soup Company, Lexmark, The NYSE.

Clearbold or Subcontract: BoardPackager, SavingStar, MINI USA, Cadillac, L.L. Bean, Biogen, Jay Peak, First American Insurance Underwriters, AS&E, Origin Healthcare Solutions, 21st Century Oncology, Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Global Health, the MGH Heart, Vascular, & Stroke Institute, White Rhino, SAP,, Horizon Marine, Sentinel Benefits, Syncplicity, Lumex.

ExpressionEngine, CraftCMS Development

Clearbold has built or supported over 30 websites using the ExpressionEngine and CraftCMS content management platforms. Clearbold has also developed custom plugins for both platforms, including Stripe integration for membership payments.

HTML Email Development

Clearbold specializes in mobile-friendly HTML email development for marketing and newsletter emails.

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