Mark Reeves Presenting at Sustainable UX 2017

January 13, 2017

Clearbold Founder and Owner Mark Reeves will be presenting Conservation of Resources: Why Performance & Technical Debt Matter at the Sustainable UX online conference February 16, 2017.

Advertising technology, front-end frameworks, component-based development, and business expectations have transformed the web into a medium that is moving at a furious pace, focused on consumption, and increasingly built on technical debt to 3rd party modules and services—all traits that we would shun or cautiously consider in other industries.

Sustainability and climate change solutions require holistic thinking. Is it viable to focus on sustainability and efficiency in the real world while we haphazardly build short-sighted, inefficient digital platforms? How can we better align our approach to digital design & development with our values in the natural world?

By looking to ecological design, sustainable business principles, and residential and commercial construction, we can find opportunities to analyze or positively influence our digital efforts. We can begin to affect not only the sustainability of our websites and apps, but also our entire digital ecosystem and approach to projects and online workplaces. We can embrace an approach to our digital work that fuels our drive to contribute to a more sustainable world.