Clearbold Moves to Vermont

September 12, 2016

Clearbold Founder and Owner Mark Reeves moved with his family to Montpelier, VT, in August, bringing his web development firm with him. Of the move, Mark said, “Working remotely for more than 9 years in support of clients, partners, and teammates, including a previous move from Salem—north of Boston—to Amherst, MA, lets me operate Clearbold from anywhere and enabled my family to move to Vermont and enjoy all that it has to offer.”

Clearbold has historically maintained a close-knit, but remote, team on a contract basis, providing flexible support to clients as opportunities emerge and needs evolve. That flexibility, says Mark, is key to the firm’s success. “The gig economy can have its downsides, but for those who want to focus on doing great work on a project basis, have some autonomy over how they do their work, or focus on sustainability over growth, choosing to operate independently works really well,” said Mark.

Accompanying the move to Vermont, Clearbold launched a new website, touting expanded capabilities and a renewed focus. Says Mark, “Whether it’s climate change, personal health and finance, or the economy, sustainability has to factor into everything we take on. People are recognizing this. My goal is to apply my skills more broadly where there are projects aiming to support that mission.”

While Clearbold will continue to support clients remotely in Boston, New York City, and around the world, the firm is eager to engage in projects in Vermont. “Vermont’s businesses, organizations, and government are leaders in sustainable practices and decision-making and tend to operate at a more human scale, the sorts of considerations that led me to start Clearbold and operate it independently for more than 9 years. I’m excited to bring world-class capabilities to Vermont, and help Vermont businesses and organizations keep business in Vermont,” said Mark.

How has Mark found Vermont so far? “Montpelier has capital city amenities with a small town feel, which has been wonderful. The environment and geography are stimulating. Professionals I’ve met share similar values around doing business and doing good work. We’re off to a great start.”