Mark Reeves

Strengths: Making technology understandable and manageable; versatility; resourcefulness; a knack for identifying win-win solutions to design and development challenges.

I graduated from Ithaca College with a B.S. in Telecommunications Management—bridging the Roy H. Park School of Communications Television Radio major and School of Business Management major—and a minor in Computer Science; an interdisciplinary focus spanning three schools.

I started my career at digital marketing firm Euro RSCG 4D (then as an engineer focused on Classic ASP, COM+, and SQL Server technologies. I was responsible for XML and XSLT modules as well as custom content management tools for recipe content displayed on the Campbell Soup Company family of websites.

Next I worked on AIR Worldwide’s web-based HomeValue: a home replacement cost estimator for insurance agents. The application relied heavily on Internet Explorer support for XMLHTTPRequest, now universally embraced as AJAX. I expanded my front-end web development skills at AIR, helped migrate the application to .NET, and prototyped new products. I then returned to Euro RSCG 4D, where I maintained email marketing lists for 1.2million+ Lexmark subscribers and furthered the office’s embrace of Web Standards. I left Euro RSCG 4D to join Silver Oven Studios, where I bolstered the office’s network and server infrastructure in addition to developing a custom content management platform for the NYSE/FINRA Continuing Education Council.

As the internet has matured and roles have become more specialized, I’ve maintained an interdisciplinary focus and emphasized versatility, moving between project roles and supporting projects as a solo freelancer or super-contractor responsible for a skilled, distributed team of designers and developers. Since 2007, I’ve supported my own clients and clients of partner firms in successful projects in a hands-on capacity while also managing teams, keeping up-to-date on evolving technologies and design practices, and consulting on UX design and strategy. In that time, I’ve leveraged open source tools or products built on open source platforms: PHP, MySQL, Jekyll, Craft CMS, Slim PHP, Django. (My business, Clearbold, is a Craft CMS Partner.) In 2016 I began supporting Drupal projects. I’d like to do more with Vue.js, D3.js, and Mapbox, and am always on the lookout for HTML email design and development gigs. (I’ve worked extensively with and received referrals from the team at Campaign Monitor.)

  • I launched 4 Craft CMS sites in 2019 and a Craft Commerce site, followed by another 5 so far in 2020. I’ve developed custom Craft CMS plugins for multiple client projects.
  • I’m proud of the work I’ve done for Journey North, helping a non-profit citizen science/education organization migrate 20+ years of website content to modern mapping and cloud hosting platforms to reduce costs and plot a sustainable path forward.
  • I’ve worked closely with the team at Russell Morin Catering & Events for over a decade, supporting brand positioning, web design & development, CRM solutions & integrations, and online catering orders.
  • I’ve supported and prototyped applications for the Digital Humanities on multiple projects, empowering academics and project principals through web-based technologies. Itinerary is an example of such a project, built with Jekyll, jQuery, and Mapbox.
  • I’ve led teams or supported development efforts on multiple Healthcare website designs or redesigns: VasCore & VasCore TEC (front-end web development, Craft CMS), Mass. General Center for Global Health (front-end web development, ExpressionEngine), 21st Century Oncology (Information Architecture, Sitecore), Origin Healthcare Solutions (front-end web development, ExpressionEngine).
  • I led and supported a series of projects for Fidelity Investments, built on ExpressionEngine, supporting consultant relations and sales teams, adhering to FINRA requirements, and enabling web-based presentation of dynamic fund data and 401(k) offerings content.
  • I built an early responsive web design mobile site for MINI USA, to be integrated with their legacy CMS.
  • I’ve helped clients and partners embrace responsive web design and responsive workflows, including mobile-friendly HTML email design and coding.
  • I’ve led UX design and prototyping efforts in projects for ESPN and MIT.

Publications & Presentations