Developed by Clearbold for The Digital Research Center at Hofstra

Itinerary at The Digital Research Center at Hofstra University

Videos 2 & 3 cover the code used in each project.

“A Frightful Number!” and Melville in Rome are products of Itinerary, a project that integrates content or data gleaned from historical literature with historic and modern maps. The Digital Research Center at Hofstra shares this project as a demonstration of Itinerary’s capabilities and as a starter kit that you may use to create your own maps. For the full introduction, watch all three videos.

Links and Notes

Map Warper is the tool cited for rectifying and hosting historic map images. You can refer to our summary of the steps outlined, which also references the NYPL’s article.

You may also reference our steps to use to capture vertices of regions as .geojson files. We follow similar steps with the line tool for the paths on the Melville project.

We generate HTML and JSON files using Jekyll and host the site using GitHub Pages. We follow the GitHub Pages recommendation when using Jekyll.

To create your own Itinerary project, fork our GitHub-hosted repository and edit or replace the project files to use your own data.

“A Frightful Number!” uses the _data/a-frightful-number-plague.csv file as a data source along with the _data/parishes.csv file. Melville in Rome uses _data/melville-model.csv and _data/paths.csv. Both projects also fill in their own datajson templates.